EasyLeadz gives you flexibility to create multiple target segments and experiment to explore whats working for you. 

Each segment corresponds to an Easybot you set up.

You may want to target all funded companies based out of United States that have less than 50 employees. This becomes your Segment A.

Second segment could be companies hiring for data analytics in India with in Internet companies. Lets call it Segment B

Thus, multiple segments and different targeting personas.

In order to run multiple targeting segments you need to create multiple Easybot each associated to a set of targeting criteria and e-mail campaigns having relevant content.

For e.g In Segment A  - Targeting funded startups in US having less than 50 employees.

For this segment Easybot will only capture companies matching above criteria.

You many want to mail to CTO's and Founders with E-mail campaign having content relevant to startups and their business life cycle. 

Mails to these decision makers will be delivered in US time zone.

In Segment B - Targeting companies Hiring for Data Analytics in India with in Internet companies above 200 employee size.

You many want to mail to Technology Heads or Marketing Heads at these companies with content relevant to these companies.

Mails to these decision makers will be delivered in IST.

This process enables you to A/B test your targeting and content and explore what works best.

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