EasyLeadz has an integrated e-mail campaign tool which allows you to send personalised e-mails from your connected business e-mail account. You can also schedule followups which bot sends automatically if no reply is received on previous e-mail.

Step 1 - Connect E-mail account

Before you go ahead and set up your campaign you need to connect your e-mail account in Easyleadz from which Easybot will send emails and followups to contacts.

You will be redirected to profile page where it will show buttons to Connect with Google and Connect with Outlook. Click on either depending where your official e-mail domain is hosted. We currently support emails hosted on Gmail/GSuite and Outlook. 

When you connect and give access, it asks you to set up your Name, Signature and Daily Email sending limit for your connected account. 

Depending on what number you set as daily sending limit, it will send that many emails only per day including followups. If you have a new account, 25 would be a safe limit to start off with. Once save all the details your connected account will appear as below.

You can disconnect or Edit the details for your account any time.

Step 2 - Set up E-mail sequence.

Now jump back to Campaign section from left and Click on Create First Campaign.

In next step, give your campaign a name and continue to setting up Email templates.

Set up first E-mail - Once you click on Create First Email it opens up the email editor for you in which you can write the message you want to send across to your prospects. Always choose Day 0 as the day to send first email. As you will set the campaign live, immediately first email will be sent out. If you keep as Day 1 that means emails will be sent the next day.

Pro Tip: While copy pasting your template, copy paste between @firstname and @signature tag and preferably from a plain text editor. In case you are using rich text editor like MS Word, you'll be required to remove extra white spaces.

Refer to  Cold E-mail templates that get responses

Personalising e-mail templates

Use tags to personalise your e-mails.

@firstname - Inserts first name of decision maker.

@companyName - Inserts company name.

@signature - Inserts signature as saved while connecting e-mail account.

@lastname - Inserts last name of decision maker

Caution: Always insert the tag by clicking on it directly do not copy paste the tag, it will not be captured.

Set up Followup mails - Follow-up mails are sent if no reply is received on previous email. Set up followup emails by clicking on Create Followup. Add message as you did in previous step and select after how many days you want the followup to be sent. 

Caution: While scheduling 2nd, 3rd or 4th followup, schedule it in reference to first email. For e.g. if you schedule your first followup as 2 days after and second followup as 4 days after, that means it will be sent 4 days after first email and 2 days after first follow-up.

Step 2 - Import Contacts

In this step you need to map from which Easybot you would like to import contacts from. Select the bot from which you would like to import contacts from and then click Use this bot. 

Then click Next, It will import contacts from the selected Easybot once the campaign is Set Live in next step.

Step 3 - Preview and Launch

In this step select the connected e-mail account from drop down. Your signature will get personalised as saved while connecting e-mail account.

Once you set the campaign live, a test email is also triggered to the email address which was used to sign up Easyleadz account.

When a campaign goes live, selected Easybot will start adding e-mails of approved decision makers. Additionally, if you have enabled Auto-approval, Easybot will continue to add contacts to the campaign above and beyond that are currently available. 

In case you have not approved any contacts yet, as and when you start approving they will be added to campaign.

All the e-mails that will be sent in campaign appear in sent box of your mail box and Replies come directly in your inbox.

Emails will go between 9 am to 5 pm as per respective time zone (India or US) of contacts at a rate of max 20/hour to improve deliverability.

Pro Tip

You can edit the content of your e-mails at any time in your Active campaigns but you can not remove or add followups.

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