EasyLeadz provides you virtual sales assistant that's called as EasyBot and helps you scale your outbound lead generation efforts in an effective and product way.

EasyBot researches companies, finds relevant decision makers and processes their professional e-mails.

Once setup it can act as your sales assistant that works round the clock and do sales prospecting and other tasks for you and helps you focus on more important tasks such as talking to customers and not doing mundane tasks.

Your EasyBot is intelligent and it can track companies and find out what intent signals the companies are giving like :

  • their recent funding activity.

On top of Intent signals Easybot tags companies into more targeted categories like SaaS, E-commerce, Fin-tech, Hotels etc.

Using this information, your assistant can prospect better and reach out to more relevant companies at right time, thus improving your response rates.

Easybot can be set up in 2 easy steps.

  • Set up Easybot name - Give your Easybot a cool name which you can easily refer to and remember.
  • Set up Targeting - Using firmographic and demographic filters like Industry type, Employee size, Location, Job title and more define your ideal customer profile. Based on set targeting   Easybot will show you most relevant decision makers across companies. You can then either approve leads one by one or put them on auto approval. Learn more about  All Targeting filters.

Who uses EasyLeadz?

  • Solo entrepreneurs who need more time to focus on customers and scale their sales and need a personal sales assistant which works round the clock.
  • Early stage companies who want to test out product market fit by experiment different targeting segments using intent signals and need a scalable and reliable way of targeting.
  • Sales teams who want to improve their sales efficiency by doing intelligent prospecting using intent signals and improve their sales productivity by automating the entire outreach via assistant.
  • Marketing teams who want to experiment with multiple outreach segments and identify the right customers to target to scale their business.
  • Agencies who provide sales solutions to their clients and want to optimise sales efficiency for their clients and automate their outreach.

What sets EasyLeadz apart?

  • Intelligence - the intelligent approach to track companies and identifying the right time to reach out to them.
  • EasyBot - the more scalable way of putting your sales on auto pilot, thus letting sales team to focus on closing sales and not spending hours on manual prospecting and outreach.
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