Step One: Reference name

Give your EasyBot a cool name that you can refer to while checking the performance of your EasyBot in stats page.

For this example, lets call it "my sales assistant"

Click on NEXT from bottom right to continue.

Step Two: Set up your targeting filters

Combine 7 available filter options to define your ideal customer profile. Based on your saved filters Easybot will show you matching decision makers and also search more.

Available filtering options are -

  • Location - Mandatory
  • Job Titles - Mandatory
  • Company Size - Optional
  • Industry - Optional
  • Company type - Optional
  • Technology - Optional
  • Recent Activity (Funding) - Optional

Learn in detail about Targeting Filters

Once you have selected filters it shows your selection on the right side and also shows you - 

  • Instant reach - No of prospects that are instantly available for approval matching your preferences.
  • New Leads/day - No of prospects bot can find on daily basis matching your preferences.

Click on Save Targeting and your bot will be Active.

In the next step it will show you all the prospects that match your filters. 

They will be shown as Pending contacts. Now you can take two actions - 

  1. Approve/Skip one by one - You can approve/skip each contact one by one by clicking on Approve contact. On clicking approve, easybot will process their e-mail and if email is found a credit will be deducted. You can filter out skipped contacts separately.
  2. Enable Auto-approval - Enabling auto-approval means instead of approving contacts one by one, Easybot will automatically approve contacts on your behalf. Its like putting your prospecting on Auto-pilot. When you enable auto-approval, a dialog box opens where you need to specify how many contacts you want Easybot to auto approve and how many contacts per company. You can disable auto-approval any time.

Once contacts are approved, they will start showing up under Approved contacts, you can view them by switching the filter.

Contacts Information - For every contact, it shows you information not only about the company but also about their company as well. Use View Activity option to look at the recent activity associated with the company like Funding or Hiring or both.

Download Contacts - You can download approved contacts anytime via Download button.  

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