The EasyBot comes with monthly subscription plans. 

You can start with a basic plan of 500 credits. 

In case there are any unused credits at the end of month, they will get rolled over to the next month subject to renewal. If you don't renew credits expire.

Pricing plans

If you are in India then following prices are applicable:

200 Credits - INR 8,999/per month  

1500 Credits - INR 24,999/quarterly 

3500 Credits - INR 49,999/annual 

The prices are Exclusive of 18% GST.

If you are outside India then following prices are applicable:

400 Credits - 99 USD/month

1100 Credits - 249 USD/month -- (15% discount is added)

2400 Credits - 499 USD/month -- (20% discount is added)

Refer to Pricing Page for more details

How are Credits deducted/spent?

When you approve a prospect or Easybot auto-approves it, Easybot processes their e-mail id in real time. 

  • If Easybot successfully processes an email id of approved prospect, 1 credit is deducted for 1 email id.
  • If Easybot is not able to process email id it is shown as Not Found and no credit is deducted.

Hence no. of credits deducted will always be equal to or less than number of approved prospects.

No credits are charged for showing prospects under Pending contacts.

Example: If you want to reach 100 founders in particular companies and use EasyBot to build this targeted list, then EasyBot will consume 100 credits from your account.

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