This EasyZap gives you capability to instantly target recently funded companies.

Benefit of this EasyZap

These companies have recently raised funding which means they will now spend money on following areas:-

  • expand team, hire more people
  • expand into more offices/locations/regions
  • upgrade and improve their existing technology
  • scale their operations
  • invest in advertising & growth
  • invest in sales operations

Who can use this EasyZap?

There can be many applications, some of them are:

  • Staffing companies/portals
  • Cloud solutions vendors
  • Digital marketing/Social media product and service vendors
  • Real estate solution providers
  • Office automation solutions
  • Travel & hospitality solution providers
  • IT service providers
  • Payment and Banking solutions

Ideal decision makers in this EasyZap

First priority can be given to founders/ceo of the company as decision making in startups is mostly done by founders.

Second priority depends on who is your user like if you are selling IT services or cloud solutions then second priority can be given to IT specific decision makers and so on...

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