This EasyZap gives you capability to instantly target ecommerce companies.

Benefit of this EasyZap

These companies will usually spend money on following areas:-

  • streamlining logistics & supply chain
  • payment solutions
  • SAAS solutions for streamlining operations
  • invest in digital marketing
  • invest in advertising & growth

Who can use this EasyZap?

There can be many applications, some of them are:

  • Cloud solutions vendors
  • Digital marketing/Social media product and service vendors
  • Supply chain & logistics companies
  • SAAS Solution providers for operations, growth, measurements
  • Payment and Banking solutions

Ideal decision makers in this EasyZap

This will vary basis on what is your product and who is your ideal buyer/influencer.

If you are selling digital marketing solutions/SAAS software then first priority can be given to marketing department and second can be given to IT and third to Operations.

If the company size is small then founders/ceo are the ideal decision makers.

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