If you have have not signed up yet to Easy-email finder which is our free data tool for our community.

Please signup using this link. It takes 4-5 seconds.

If you have already signed up then you will see a simple google search like screen.

If you want to find contacts in "Paytm" then startup typing PAYTM and it will give you suggestions.

You can also search by typing domain name i.e. paytm.com.

Simply select Paytm from drop down and it will show contacts available in Paytm.

Which contact you need you can simply click on view email to view that contact.

Once you click you credit will be deducted.

In order to earn more credits you can start referring your colleagues. You referral link is below the search box.

There is no limit to referrals, you can refer as many friends/colleagues you want.

Each referral will add 50 credits to your account. You can literally use this extension free forever by just referring your friends.

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