We are on a mission to help every sales person get rid of this problem of not finding the emails of their target customers.

It's not an easy task but its not impossible either.

The reason we have kept Easy-email finder tool free is because its crowdsourced from everyone who uses it.

If you signup, we crowdsource emails from your contact book, process, verify, enrich missing information and add it to central database for everyone to use it.

Just like what True-caller did for phone numbers.

We have this motto that we have adopted from Paul Buchheit, who is the creator and lead developer of Gmail. Its called : Don't be evil.

As we are keen to help every sales person, we don't want to limit you. So following are all the options that can help you get more credits:

1. Refer your colleagues

The more you refer, the more people join the network and the more data is captured. This eventually helps you to view more data that gets processed.

Each referral will give you 50 credits.

2. Donate to a charity

Donate to any charity that you care about and just send us a receipt and we will add some credits to your account as a gesture :)

Email us at nitin@easyleadz.com with subject line "more credits" along with receipt. 

3. Just ask for more credits

Don't be evil while asking for more credits. Just send us an email at nitin@easyleadz.com with subject line "more credits" and ask for more :)

We would be happy to help. Don't abuse this gesture. Ask only when you really need it. If you can avoid asking and can instead choose the other alternatives to earn more credits, it would be much better for the community at large.

4. Participate in crowdsourcing contacts

We process huge amount of data daily and it needs servers to process it. We have a distributed crowd-computing mechanism which can process data from any computer.

All you need is install a simple chrome extension at your desktop/laptop and just click start and the only thing that will be consumed is your internet bandwidth and power and we will add back more credits proportional to the amount of processing happens through you.

This will help us process data faster and which eventually is available to you for use.

Email us at nitin@easyleadz.com with subject " i want to crowdsource more data"

Sounds Interesting ? 

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