Once you have activated an Easybot you can assess its performance via statistics that appear in the dashboard.

Easybot Dashboard:

Contacts Pending :  Shows total number of contacts pending for approval/skip at your end.

Contacts Approved : Shows total number of contacts approved either by you or Easybot in case Auto-approval was enabled.

Action : Under Action there is an View contacts button. When you click it it shows you contacts fetched by Easybot and other call to action options.

Status : At any given point of time, Easybot can have either of the following 3 status

  • Active : When you save your targeting filters, bot becomes active and is show as Bot is Active. ¬†
  • Finished : When you put your Easybot on automode, it asks for the total number of contacts to be approved. Once that number is achieved by bot, it will show as finished
  • Credits Low : This status will be shown if you have enabled auto-approval for your Easybot and there are no credits left in your account.

When you View contacts, there are multiple call to actions available let's have a look at what all options you have got.

  • You can filter contacts based on whether they are Pending, Approved or Skipped.
  • Use Update Filter option to modify targeting filters for your bot. Once you make changes and save, it will start showing you pending contacts as per the changes and remove any previous ones if they don't match the new criteria.
  • Use Download contacts option to download list of approved contacts.
  • Disable or Enable auto approval in your Easybot anytime by using Auto-approval option. Enabling auto-approval means instead of approving contacts one by one, Easybot will automatically approve contacts on your behalf. Its like putting your prospecting on Auto-pilot. When you enable auto-approval, a dialog box opens where you need to specify how many contacts you want Easybot to auto approve and how many contacts per company. You can disable auto-approval any time.
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