In order to ensure effectiveness of your campaigns, its important that you keep factors in mind which affect e-mail deliverability. 

E-mail deliverability is about ensuring your sent mails are getting past spam filters and landing up in the inbox where intended recipient can discover and read them.

Here are few key factors that you should keep in mind to ensure deliverability

  1. For doing outbound at scale, where you are planning to send 1000's of e-mails. Don't send them from your official e-mail account. Use an alternate domain to send e-mails at such high scale. For e.g if your official account is at instead create one on domain like or
  2. Always use name based e-mails like and not People like to reply to a person rather than whole department.
  3. Always warm up a new e-mail account before using it to send outbound e-mails through an automated system. Sending cold e-mails right away are likely to make spam filters suspicious. Its recommended to use it for regular communication within the organisation, have conversations, get replies etc.
  4. Start by sending out 20-50 e-mails a day before ramping up. Don't jump directly to sending 500 e-mails a day just because you have warmed up the account. Keep monitoring the reputation of your domain and as more mails keep getting delivered increase the limit. While using Easyleadz you can limit your daily sending limit for each e-mail account.
  5. Use unsubscribe link in your e-mails. Give the recipient an option to unsubscribe from your e-mails rather than marking your address as Spam
  6. Keep communication in your e-mail subject lines and body personalised and to the point. Read more on this. Keep proper signature, complete profile info and profile image if possible.
  7. Avoid using STOP words like free, download, offer ending. They alert spam filters and your mails either end up in spam folder or promotions.
  8. Limit links and pictures in your e-mails. Try to keep your e-mails as much text based as possible.
  9. Right prospecting ensures you are targeting the right people and valid e-mail addresses. Easyleadz takes care of this
  10. Set SPF and DKIM. Learn more about how to do it. Woodpecker team has tried to explain it as simply as possible.

Hope this helps.

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