You have multiple data points in form of filters to ideal customer profile based on which Easybot will find the right decision makers and contact them via Email campaign.

You have 7 filtering options available, which you can combine to define your customer profile. 

Out of seven filters, 2 are mandatory - 

  • Location - You need to fill out the location/locations for which you want target decision makers. You can input multiple locations as shown below. It will add up prospects for all locations.
  •  Job Titles - You need to specify job titles of target decision makers such as Marketing Head or VP Marketing. You can input multiple job titles at once. It will add up prospects for selected titles. 

Pro tip: Simply type the title you want, either select it from options shown or click enter and it will create one as per your input.

Rest 5 filter are optional - 

  • Size of company - You can narrow down your targeting based on employee count of the company. Use this option to target decision makers depending on whether they are working at Small (1 - 50 employees), Medium (50 - 500 employees) or Large (500+ employees) companies. This option is multi-select.
  • Industry - Use this option to narrow down targeting based on what type of Industries decision makers work in. There are 150+ Industry types available for you to select from. Select multiple industries in case you want to reach across multiple industries at once. 

Pro tip : Use hyper targeting options like Fintech, Insurtech and more to quickly target specific niche for your product/service or 

  • Company type - This option lets you narrow down your targeting on basis of nature of business companies are into. It gives you 4 options to choose from SaaS, E-commerce, Product, Service. You can either use them as stand alone option or combine them with Industry type. If you combine this with Industry type, it will narrow you targeting based on nature of business with in chosen industries. 

For e.g. If you have chosen Computer software as industry and SaaS as company type, it will show you decision makers of companies who are SaaS businesses in Computer software industry

  • Technology Used - Use this option to target decision makers at companies who are using/spending on specific technologies. When you use this option it narrows down reach in combination with other filters applied. 

For e.g. If you are looking to target decision makers at companies who are using Intercom and Industry is Internet, it will narrow down decision makers at Internet companies who are using Intercom.

  • Recent Funding Activity - Using this option you can target companies on the basis of their recent fund raise. When you use this option it narrows down reach in combination with other filters applied.

Side Panel Explained

  • Targeting Tags - These tags show the options you have selected via filters.
  • Estimated Instant Reach - Instant reach shows the number of prospects instantly available for approval/rejection.
  • Estimated New Leads - New leads shows the number of prospects Easybot can add each upcoming day matching your preferences.

Learn more about Best practices on how to target companies. 

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