A lot of our users requested if they could get more free credits for their favourite Mr. E tool.

While we continue to provide various free credits options like referrals, review and get free credits, contribute contact and get free credits.

We thought how we can make it literally automated for our users to simply use the tool free forever.

This is why we launched our community program.

Its simple really, you connect your work email account, and for each UNIQUE contact we fetch via your contact book, we will add a FREE credit to your account.

Simple give and take community program.

On top of that, the other benefit of this feature is mentioned below.

We interact with lot of people everyday using our Inbox. Our inbox is filled with so much value if we make the use of it.

You receive an email from a high quality customer, but you forget to save their contact data in your CRM application.

Or you don't know if that customer is from enterprise company or a mid size firm, all this information is still missing from your inbox.

This is where InboxMagic aka our community program comes into play.

Its your personal AI assistant that scans your Inbox and turn your dummy inbox into high quality enriched contacts.

It Identifies the quality contacts and enrich them with further information like:

  • Company demographics

  • Funding information

  • Social profiles

  • Website, employee count etc

All this automatically read for you to download in an excel file.

Let's get started on this free & insane magic community program.

Prerequisite : Version 2 of Mr. E tool - Click here to install

Step 1: Go to your Mr. E tool dashboard

Btw, we have launched a new dashboard which is available to Mr. E tool users who are using the version 2 of the tool.

If you are using the previous extension then you are not having access to this new dashboard.

I would recommend you to remove your previous Mr. E tool and install the new version of the tool.

Both V1 and V2 wont work together. Only 1 works at one time. Make sure you have removed the previous version of the tool, and then install version 2.

Once you are on the dashboard, you will see Community Program aka InboxMagic on the right side panel.

Click on Community Program.

Step 2: Click on Join the Community.

You will notice the below landing page, once you are there, click on Join the Community and connect using your Gmail id.

Please note that its recommend for you to connect a work Gmail id as that will have more contacts to process.

If you connect your personal gmail id then you will not find high quality contacts, as more people interact with you on work email id.

Step 3: Give permissions to connect

Click on Sign In with Google to proceed further and Enter your Gmail Id to authenticate your account.

We do not store your id/password, this is directly used by Gmail to authenticate your account and give access to its contact book.

Once you enter your details, click Next and you will see this screen.

While this screen sounds a bit fishy at first, all it says this application is not verified with Google security compliance. The reason why we have not done that yet, it because Google charges developer close to 75000 USD every year only to verify the application.

This kind of money is way too high for any company, specially a startup like us who is bootstrapping, so we avoided that.

Rest assured your data remains secure and no person in EasyLeadz has access to this data manually, Its only used over the server to crowdsource using machine learning models.

If you like to proceed, click on Advanced.

Click on Go to Mr. E (unsafe) and it will take you to permission page. Allow all the permissions and proceed to confirm.

  • Download your contacts

  • Read your mails

Once the final access is granted, then it's done. InboxMagic will start working on finding and enriching contacts for you.

View Contacts

Click on view contacts to all contacts processed by InboxMagic tool aka Community Program for you.

Download Contacts

You can download all your contacts in an excel file, it will also show you status if your processing is completed or not.

Data we have access to:

We do not have access to your emails, we only capture your email signatures. No one in our company has or will have access to your emails manually, its read by an AI engine and afterwards all your email signatures are deleted from our servers once its processed. Only the contact file is retained to display it to you.


For each unique contact we fetch via your contact book, we will add a free credit to your account. So you can continue to use Mr. E tool free forever.

Share your feedback on this feature with us at support@easyleadz.com

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