It's been a ride so far with Mr. E tool. We keep improving and adding more features.

A lot of our users requested us for various features like access of Mr. E tool on other websites, manual search option and so more.

In order to make this work, we have to make an entirely new chrome extension which is not dependent on Linkedin for login and you can use the dashboard without even having the chrome extension installed at all.

So, if you are using Mr. E tool already then we recommend you to migrate yourself to our latest version which has even more features.

How to migrate?

Step 1 : Go to your Mr. E tool dashboard

Go to your dashboard.

Step 2: Click on “Global Extension” from top menu.

Step 3: Signup/connect your email account. This will be your login email to new extension.

It's one-click signup, and it's free.

Step 4: Remove your existing v1 chrome extension.

Option 1:

On your chrome browser you will see Mr. E icon. Right click on that and you will see a picture like below.

Click on Remove from Chrome. That will remove the Mr. E tool from your browser.

Option 2:

Go to Extensions from your chrome browser by clicking on 3 dots on top right corner.

Once you are on the page, find Mr. E tool and click on Remove. That will remove the Mr. E tool from your browser.

Step 5: Install the V2 of Mr. E tool

Click this link to new version -

Name of the new version is - Mr. E Find B2B contacts universally.

Add to chrome and tool will install automatically.

Step 6: Login using the same email id

Step 7: Done, you will have access to your new dashboard.

This has lot more features like InboxMagic and customisation options.

If you need any support email us at

P.S: If you have already installed the new version without connecting your account first in the previous version then email us directly and we will migrate you to new version.

While sending us email please share following details:

Happy prospecting!

Step by Step video guide

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