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Will my unused credits carry forward?
Will my unused credits carry forward?

On a monthly plan, unused credits will roll over i.e carry forward to the next month.

Written by EasyLeadz Support
Updated over a week ago

When you upgrade to a monthly billing plan of Mr. E tool, your billing cycle starts on the day of your subscription start date.

If you started your subscription on 1st then every 1st of the month, your subscription will automatically renew until cancelled.

So on 1st of every month, your new credits will be added to your account and any credits which are left in previous month, will also carry forward to the new month.

If you have 100 credits in previous month and on 1st you got 100 more, then this month you will have 200 credits.

1. If you cancel your subscription in any month, then your credits will not carry forward further and they will expire by the end of the subscription cycle.
2. Your credits will not carry forward in case you downgrade your plan, they will only carry forward if you upgrade or continue to use the same plan.

To view your account's credit usage, simply open your Mr. E dashboard.

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