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You can report invalid contacts which are from India region i.e Indian contacts if they are:

  • Landline numbers

  • Out of Service

  • Invalid or of the wrong person

Follow these steps to report invalid numbers.

Go to your dashboard from the extension.

Go to MyList section from the top menu and you will see the Report button against each row of your previously viewed contacts.

Click on Report button available against each contact you have fetched.

Please select the right reason while reporting:
1. Landline Number
2. Out of service (choose this option only after you have tried calling them multiple times)
3. Invalid or wrong number

Once you have reported the number, now you can also check the status of your reported number through the dashboard under the "MY LIST" section.

Our team reviews and if they found the request genuine, then they either replace the number or refund the credit (the status of same is reflected in front of that respective contact). It takes around 72 working hours to review those numbers.

IMPORTANT : If the report request is rejected 3 times, the reporting feature gets disabled.
Therefore, choose the correct reason while reporting. Do not report any numbers for outside India or if the phone is switched off or if they are not picking your calls. We will not consider those contacts to be invalid.

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