All active monthly subscriptions can be cancelled with one click.

Simply go to your dashboard by clicking on Mydashboard or Upgrade button in your Mr. E chrome extension.

Once you have clicked and you are on your Dashboard, you will see your active plan and a Cancel button against your existing plan.

If you are paying through PayPal in USD, then please cancel your subscription from PayPal by going through this link.

Cancelling your subscription on Mr. E will not cancel your subscription in PayPal, so please make sure to cancel your subscription via your PayPal dashboard as well.

In case of INR payments, click on Cancel to cancel your active subscription, it's that simple.

Please note that if you do not want your subscription to be renewed then you will have to cancel your subscription before the next payment date.

So if your payment is supposed to happen on 1st then you will have to cancel on 30th/31st depending on the month.

Else the payment will go through on 1st and the amount will be automatically charged for next month subscription.

What happens to my credits after I cancel the subscription?

If you cancel your subscription then your credits will not carry forward to next month and you will have to consume your existing credits by the end of your subscription date, else any leftover credits will expire after that.

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