Short of Mr. E credits? Want more? Well, you can refer others and get 4 credits on every successful referrals.

On top of that, the person who you will refer, will also get additional 2 credits apart from the 5 that they anyways get on the signup.

In order to refer/invite someone else, please follow these steps.

From your extension click on Free credits section.

Once you are on the Free Credits section, you will find your referral code.

Now you can either Copy Code and send it to your colleagues or you can just share your code over social networks like Linkedin or Twitter.

If someone joins using your code then you will get 4 credits and they will 2 credits.

Important points:

  • We do not give referral credits, if both referral and referee are from same organisation.
  • We have a method to detect fake profiles and thus those profiles are not eligible for referral credits.

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