Mr. E API makes it easy for you bulk enrich or fetch contact numbers of decision makers automatically.

You can use the API to integrate with your CRM tools or create your own custom applications and fetch the contact numbers using the API.

INPUT to the API

All you need is pass on Linkedin profile URL/Link of the person for whom you want the contact number.

Example -

OUTPUT from the API

In the output you will get following information-

  • Phone1, if available

  • Phone2, if available

  • Email, if available

  • Status = 1 in case contact is available and 0 if the contact is not available

Your credit is only counted as 1 if there is successful result in the API i.e if you get contact number using the API, else its not deducted from your credit pool.

Who can get access to the API?

API is only available in the GROWTH plan or customised plan. If you need access to the API please email to

Once your access is granted then you will have access to this page, which contains your unique API Key as well as technical information and the end point information.


End point (GET Request)

Pass the linkedin url as query parameter value.e.g.


Pass your api key as value for header User-Token

User-token: your-api-key

Additional Headers

You must also specify additional headers Content-type: application/json and Accept: application/json

Curl example

curl -X GET \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "User-Token: your_api_key" \



Credits Deductions

Credits will only be deducted if phone1 has some value.

Response Key

Response Value



"1" or "0"

"1" for success and "0" for error


"Done" or "Error message"

In case of success the value will be "Done" in case of error the value will be reason for error(more error details are mentioned below)



In case of error this is empty []
If phone number is present, then value of phone1 will be like "98767XXXXX" otherwise value of phone1 will be "".
If phone number2 is present, then value of phone2 will be like "98767XXXXX" otherwise value of phone2 will be "".
If email is present, then value of email will be an array of emails( can have more than one email address). If no email is present then the value will be empty array []".

Error message

Error value


Empty api key

This error message is received if no api key is passed.

Invalid url

This error message is received if the api is called without https protocol.

Invalid json request

This error message is received if header "Content-type" is not passed or value of "Content-type" is not "application/json".

No credits left

This error message is received if user has 0 credits left.

Invalid api key

This error message is received if api key is incorrect.

Rate Limit

The rate limit is 10 calls per second.

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