If you are using Mr. E contact finder tool, there might be times when you want to push your contacts directly to your CRM as you fetch them via the Mr. E tool.

You can now integrate your FreshWorks CRM with Mr. E tool and push contacts directly to FreshWorks CRM as you view them through Mr. E tool.

Currently since we are in BETA testing of this integration we will be hand holding this integration with our customers to ensure this goes smoothly.

In order to integrate your Freshworks CRM with Mr. E tool, you will need following:

  • An active Freshworks CRM account.

  • An active/paid Mr. E account.

  • Freshworks key & domain name information.

How to view your Freshworks Key and domain?

Step 1) Go to your Freshworks portal and login.

Step 2) Go to your profile from top right corner and you will see settings, click on it.

Step 3) You will see API Settings under the top menu bar. Click on it.

You will see your API key in that, copy it.

Step 4) Send us your API key and domain information over the email.

You will have to send your API key and your domain name to support@easyleadz.com and we will integrate the Mr. E tool with your Freshworks account for you.

For any questions contacts us over support@easyleadz.com

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