Looking for the contact information of TOP decision-makers? Well, you can now find it on Zauba Corp using Global Extension, Mr. E

If you installed Mr. E before 1st May 2021, to use Mr. E on Zauba Corp, first you need to connect your Mr. E account with your email.

Once done, each user can follow these steps:

Note: Users who have an Annual Growth & upwards plan can only use the Mr. E tool on Zauba Corp.


1. Go to the Zauba Corp website.

2. When you click on the extension, you will see this message, “Please navigate to any profile page to see their professional contact information

3. Search any company’s name in the tab given

4. Once you are on the profile page, open the extension from the right end of your screen; the extension will ask you to Login (Please use the same email address you used earlier to signup and connect)

5. Once done, you would be redirected to the same page.

6. The extension will provide you a list of names. You can click on “View” to get the contact numbers. The extension work on both company and director pages.

If you get this message after you login/signup, “This feature is not enabled for you. Contact support@easyleadz.com to learn more about this feature.” Contact us to get your free trial activated.

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