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How to access Mr. E on Tofler?
How to access Mr. E on Tofler?

Annual Growth & upwards plan users can use Mr. E on Tofler.

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Looking for the contact information of TOP decision-makers? Well, you can now find it on Tofler using Global Extension, Mr. E.

First of all, what is Tolfer?

Tofler is a business research platform which allows users to search for companies and access detailed information about their financials, ownership, leadership, and industry trends.

Note: Users who have an active subscription of Annual Growth & Upwards plans can only use the Mr. E tool on Tofler.

Here's how to use Mr tool on Tofler:

1. Go to the Tofler website.

2. On the main page of the website, you can search for a company's legal name, CIN (Company's Incorporation Number) or DIN (Director Identification Number) in the tab given.

4. Once you are on the Company's profile page, open the Mr E extension to view the Directors' contact details.

5. Click on the View button to view that particular contact. Again, for 1 person's contact information, 1 credit is deducted from the total Credit Balance.

The extension work on both company and director pages.


This feature is only available on Annual Growth Plans or above, To avail this feature, kindly contact your Key Account Manager or to activate your free trial for the tool.

If you are already a paid user on Annual Growth Plan or above, and still not able to access the feature, please write to your Account Manager to get the feature activated :)

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