A lot of times you simply wish to search your potential clients or decision markers in bulk, this is where our newly released search feature will help you.

This search feature is available to users who are in new dashboard, if you are not, then first migrate yourself to the new dashboard.

When you are on the dashboard, you can go to search via the side panel.

Once you are on this page, you will see four search options, we will cover each below.

Search by Linkedin URL

In this you can enter a Linkedin public profile URL such as - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nitinbajaj1/

And then search the contact number via the profile.

Search by EMAIL ID

Second option is to search anyone by their email id.

Example - nitinbajaj000@gmail.com

Search by job title, person name and company

Third and my favorite option is to search by following options:

  • Job titles like HR head, marketing head, CFO, CMO etc

  • Company name like Microsoft, Razorpay, PayPal etc

  • Person Name like Nitin Bajaj etc.

Example you enter - Finance Head. You will see all finance head in various companies.

You can further narrow it down by a specific company like Finance Head in Microsoft.

Furthermore, you can search by Person Name too. Example - Nitin Bajaj.

Search by DIN number aka Director Identification Number

This is one of our premium version which is available to users who have Annual Growth Plan or higher plan.

In this you can find the contact number of a Director of a Private Limited company by entering their DIN number.

If you need a trial of this version then send us an email to support@easyleadz.com

For any further questions, you can check the help section or send us an email to support@easyleadz.com

Happy Selling!!

Watch the below detailed step by step video on using search function.

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