When you click on "Click to get contact" on Mr. E chrome extension, the Mr. E tool starts to find the number of the particular person using our algorithm.

If the number is returned in the tool, then your credit is counted as 1.

If the tool says "Sorry we could not find the number" then the credit is not deducted.

If you have already fetched a contact, then fetching a number of the same profile, will not count another credit, it will be counted as 1 only.

When you install the tool for the first time, you get 5 free credits to try Mr. E tool for free.

After that based on your monthly or annual subscription plans, your credits are allocated to you. All pricing plans for Mr. E tool are available here and also in your dashboard by clicking on UPGRADE button on the extension.

For all other details about the credit roll over, read this article.

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