Hello Mr. E by EasyLeadz user. This guide will help you with best practices on how to use Mr. E tool.

Mr. E tool works on Linkedin, thus you will have to understand how you can use properly to avoid any warnings on your Linkedin account.

The tool is already compliant with Linkedin policies however you might still want to use it properly to further safeguard yourself.

Got this message in your Linkedin account?

Why this happens?

  • You might be using a lot of chrome extensions for finding emails or contact numbers over Linkedin. Using too many extensions triggers Linkedin algorithm and it detects your profile as one of those accounts who are misusing Linkedin.

  • You might be browsing too many profiles in one single day or an hour.

Don't worry, simply follow below steps:

  • If you have got this message, then immediately disable Mr. E tool extension first as a preventive step.

  • Remove unwarranted chrome extensions, that you don't need at all or at-least disable them.

  • Try and use a different Linkedin profile for using Mr. E tool instead of using your own personal Linkedin profile. You can always add one more team member to use the Mr. E tool. Add that profile as a team and use it for fetching contacts.

  • Keep the Mr. E extension in disabled mode and instead, use the manual search option to fetch the contact details.

  • If you don't wish to disable it, fetch only 20-30 contacts per day from the tool, if you need to fetch more contacts, simply add a new team member or use manual search option.

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